14C Exposure Age Calculator

Please enter the samples using the form below. You can double click the box to edit the dropdown boxes. You can also download the template at the bottom of the page and copy the boxes from the template directly into the calculator. When finished entering the data, please click the calculate button and be patient while the calculations are run. You will receive an email with a link to see the status of your sample run unless the server encounters an error. A new window will pop up with the results from your request or any errors that occur.

Note when pasting: When pasting data from Excel, single-click the cell where you would like to paste the data (the cell will be highlighted). If you double-click a cell (which brings up a text box), the program will assume you want all pasted data to go into that single cell. Pasting has been verified in the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

Test samples

Enter data here.See below for instructions. Click on header of a column for quick help.

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Data Template
  • Arrow keys/home/end/PgUp/PgDn keys can be used for navigation.
  • Tab key will select uncertainity cell of the associated cell and vice-versa, if any.
  • To edit a cell, start typing when the cell is selected, double click on it, or press enter when it is selected. To finish editing, either click outside the cell or press enter again.
  • Cells with dark background are disabled cells and their contents can not be modified until they are enabled.
  • Clicking a column header will display a help popup.
  • Some columns are "Option Columns". Cells in these columns can have limited number of values.
  • To paste tab&newline-delimited data into the sheet (from the template Excel sheet for ex.), select the cell and use ctrl+v key combination.
  • "Insert Row" button will show a little dialog for inserting new rows to the sheet wrt the currently selected cell. Once the dialog is open, you can use arrow keys to adjust setting and enter to commit changes.
  • "Remove Row" button will remove the selected cell's row.
  • "Clear Row" button will clear all the data in the selected cell's row.
  • "Clear Sheet" button will remove all data in sheet.
  • If "Sample Name" column is empty, that row will be ignored upon submission.
  • If error(s) found during submission or data pasting, the status bar on the lower right corner will warn you. You can click that message to see the errors. In the error list, if an error is associated with a cell, clicking on that error line will select the associated cell.

Source code

MATLAB source code for all 7 scaling schemes is available in the CRONUS Earth Bitbucket Repository.
Source and documentation for other parts of the system will be available in the near future.
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